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Our Features

Affinity has everything you need to manage knowledge management across organizations.

Comprehensive and Enjoyable Trainings

We've taken decades of industry experience in these domains, combined with a mission to make education fun and digestible to the learner to create trainings that learners will walk away with functional knowledge they can bring back to their day to day. Making their jobs more enjoyable, and your organization more prepared.

Integrated Tracking and Analytics

Don't stay on top of training adherence and performance, let Affinity do it for you. Our platform aggregates all performance data of all your learners and all your organizations into one place. No more in-person sign-up sheets, a combination of google sheets and excel sheets, and random emails about who or what organization has done a training. Now, it's simple and reliable with Affinity.

Auditing Built In

Everything is tracked when using Affinity's integrated platform. Know when a learner has started a training. Know when an admin has set an override for a due date or a status for a particular learner. We'll log these things and your reporting will include it for ultimate accountability. When someone asks "Why did you extend the Security training deadline by 30 days?", your report can answer "Extended deadline because water pipe burst outside office and were force to relocate team for 2 weeks." (Yes, this happened.)

Rules and Workflow Engine

Affinity can let you focus on onboarding new team members and new organizations, so you can grow. And, Affinity does that in providing you access to a rules engine that lets you automate training workflows such as assignments and nudges.

And, more...

Take a look through the product guides for more on how you might use Affinity. The platform is constantly evolving to meet our clients needs and we're excited to have you on board!