Via Sponsor

For organizations which have a sponsor parent organization, you may be assigned trainings to your organization directly from this sponsor.

You can manage these trainings much like any other training that you will have brought to your own organization.

Limited Modifications

When you are assigned a training by a sponsor organization, you are unable to:

  • Modify the due date

  • Delete the assignment

If you would like to make these changes, you will need to contact your sponsor organization. They are noted in the "Assigned By" area in the image above, and next to their name is an "External" badge to further show that this was externally assigned to you.

Assignment Requirements

Your sponsor will also publish a list of requirements to help you onboard your learners into this specific training instance.


Some trainings will have role/department based requirements. When these are present, you should attempt to assign the trainings to just the targeted learners that best match the high level department description.

For example, in the image above there is a requirement for the "Operations" role. At your organization, you might call this "Customer Service". You might even have more than one department which is applicable, such as "Customer Service" and "Fraud Operations". When in doubt, contact your sponsor admin.

Join Date

Instances can also filter the learners by their join date. A sponsor might want this to indicate that you only need to train new employees on this past a certain date, like Jan 1, 2024.

In these cases, when assigning your trainings, be sure to filter in only those employees whose join date is after the requirement.

All Learners

In the absence of one or both of Roles and Join Date designations, the training should be assigned to all learners at your organization.


The training instance assignment might also contain notes from the sponsor organization. Notes are freeform messages that the sponsor wants to use to help guide you on the assignment.

Fulfilling the Training

To fulfill the training from the sponsor organization, assign the targeted learners to it and use the tools within the Affinity platform to ensure those learners take, pass, and complete the assignment.

Their statuses will be updated in real time as they progress and you can export reports at any time. Your sponsor organization will also have access to the report data.

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