๐Ÿ“„Supporting Documents

Supporting documents allow administrators a way to provide even more value to their learners with enhanced content.

As an admin, you can upload as much supporting documents as you wish for any given training module.

Supporting documents can be pretty much any document type, including:

  • PDF's

  • CSV's

  • Images

  • Videos

  • Powerpoints

When you provide a supporting document for a training, it will be made accessible to the learner while they are taking the training. It allows your learners to go above and beyond if they like.

It's an amazing way to provide even more value to your learners.

External vs Internal Organizations

Supporting document uploads are available to both external and internal admins. If you are an external admin, the documents you upload will be provided to your portfolio organizations for that specific training.

Example Use Case - Infosec Policy

Many companies have a lengthy information security policy. Our Information Security training covers this content really well. In addition, some of your learners might want to know exactly what goes on in that 80 page pdf of yours too. You can upload this document alongside the Information Security training and have it available to your learners.

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