Sponsor Onboarding

This information is only applicable if your organization is being onboarded via an external/sponsor organization.

Some internal organizations might have one or more reporting sponsors. These organizations will invite you to join the Affinity platform and connect your account to theirs. They will be able to assign you trainings and see the reporting status of these trainings.

If you are unsure if you have a connection to one of these accounts, check your settings page.


When your sponsor organization invites you to create and manage your own organization within the Affinity platform, you will need to go through a light onboarding process.

Account Information

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Title

  • Department

Learner Information

You will also be able to bulk upload your learners at this time if you are ready. This part of the process is skippable and you can upload learners in bulk later, or do so one at a time when you are ready.

Training Assignments

You manage training assignments in the same manner as all other internal organizations. Additionally, for trainings which were assigned by your super admin, you will see an "External" designation next to them.

When you click into one of these trainings, you will see additional information about who in your organization needs to take the training, and also any notes from the super admin to you about the trainings.

You should assign learners of your organization which match the requirements. If there are specific roles like "Operations" but your organization does not have "Operations" specifically, you should assign the most similar role that matches that at your organization. If you are still unsure, reach out to the super admin support who has onboarded your organization.

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