Advanced considerations for running campaigns and programs.

We recommend you do not attempt to override anything for a campaign program from this page other than individual learner due dates and notes.

It is possible to make fine-grained changes to campaigns and programs by modifying assignment settings directly. What does this mean? You may have a campaign which has assigned the "AML / BSA" module to a subset of your learners. This data is also available within the training library page for AML/BSA:

You can continue to manage individual user overrides using this page. And, you can also modify things like due dates or even add and remove users from the campaign.

It is not recommended to add and remove users from training programs that are attached to campaigns using this method.

The preferred usecase for this fine-grained would be to add notes and due date overrides for learners you have already added to your campaign program.

You can also delete this training from the program using this UI as well. Deleting it here will also remove it from your campaign program along with all associated data.

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