A "Nudge" is a friendly reminder email which is sent to the learner.


When nudged, learners will get an email like the following. If they have more than one training that was nudged, they will see all of the trainings in one email. We try to coalesce the emails as best as possible depending on the timing of the nudges.

Nudging by Learner

You can send nudges to individual users for a specific training, or to an entire organization for a specific training.

Learners will also receive a notification in their notification bar next time they log in.

Nudging by Training

For any given training, you can nudge by training instance. Navigate to a particular training of interest, and then find the training instance which you ahve assigned and click the "Nudge" button.

This will nudge all learners who are not yet complete on this training instance.

Nudging by Organization

You can also nudge your entire organization across all active trainings based on the learners status with that training. This is a helpful workflow as opposed to drilling into each training you have active, you can do it all at once.

The controls here allow you to also select a specific status you want to target.

  • Not Started - learners who have been assigned a training, but have not started yet.

  • In Progress - learners who have been assigned a training, have started, but not completed.

  • Late - learners who have not completed a training by the due date. They may or may not have even started it.

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