๐Ÿ’ณBNPL & BaaS Fintechs

Affinity's external organization model works extremely well for organizations that are, or operate like BNPL (buy-now, pay-later) and BaaS (banking as a service) fintech companies.

Using the external model, onboard all of your merchants that you must train into the Affinity platform. Use the rules engine to automate the trainings that the merchants should get. And, use the dashboard and reporting features to ensure that each merchant is staying up to date at a glance. Whether you have 10 or 510 merchants, you'll be able to manage the trainings easily.

Use for Compliance and Regulated Trainings

Affinity can help you distribute the trainings that are required by regulators to ensure that your product is being displayed to the customers fairly and accurately. You can feel confident that each merchant has been trained appropriately and in line with legal requirements.

Use for Revenue Driving Functions

Affinity also works well for revenue driving sales functions. Bring your own training to the platform that teaches them how to best use your API or just a simple onboarding welcome training. The integrated tracking and analytics will let you know what merchants have viewed and completed the trainings, and let you measure how these have contributed back to your revenue and their time to first sale.

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