Campaign Page

The campaign page shows you information about the campaigns and programs which you have created.

The page can be found by navigating to the "Training Library" side navigation, followed by clicking on the "Campaigns" tab at the top of the content area.

Campaign and Program navigation

On the left hand side is the navigation area for campaigns and programs. These areas are expandable and collapsable if you need more room.

Green Check - Live Campaigns / Programs

When you enable a campaign and program and it is live, it will have a green check next to its name and icon.

Orange Exclamation - Draft Campaigns / Programs

While you are creating and editing campaigns and programs, they will be in draft mode. This is indicated by the orange exclamation point.

Campaign and Program Information

On the rest of the campaign page you can view and edit information related to your campaigns and programs. This includes:

  • Editing names of campaigns and programs

  • Enabling the campaign to go live

  • Learner Configuration: which learners does this program apply to.

    • Note: learners are configured at the program level, not campaign

  • Training Configuration

  • Reporting

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