Campaigns are a way for you to easily manage logical distribution of trainings across learner groups and time periods.

With campaigns you can configure a set of trainings to be made available to a set of learners within your organization. A common use case for this would be preparing a slate of trainings for the upcoming quarter, ie "2024 - Q1".

While you can use campaigns for specific quarters, it is time period agnostic and can be used for any purpose, including, but not limited to:

  • Quarterly Trainings

  • Yearly Trainings

  • Ad-hoc Trainings for partnerships


Campaigns are subdivided into programs. Your campaign can have 1 or more programs. Each program can have its own set of learners which are subscribed to the trainings within that program.

The trainings within the program can be marked as required or optional and have variable start and end dates for completion.

Going Live

By default, campaigns and programs are in draft mode until you enable them. Once you enable them, they will be made available to your users.

One a campaign is live, any programs you add to it will still be in draft mode until you enable them. Thus, you can go live with a campaign, but continue to extend it over time.

Naming & Privacy

As an admin you control the setup of your campaigns and programs, including their naming. This naming is only visible to admins within the organization. To a learner, they will only see the name of the training module which they have been assigned.

For an example, consider a Campaign: "2024 Q1", with a program: "Ops People", which assigned "What is a bank partnership?". The learners will see that they are assigned "What is a bank partnership?" but they will not see that this belongs to "2024 Q1" campaign, nor "Ops People" program.

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