Email Communications

Learners will receive two emails when you create their account and they attempt to set it up:

  • Welcome Email

  • Verification Email

Welcome Email

The welcome email is sent to the learners email address you have registered them with. It contains some helpful information about how to get started and finalize their registration.

Sometimes learners need some extra reminder to complete their registration. As an admin, you can resend the welcome email at any time. To do this, navigate to the learners page of your organization, and then click on the Actions icon. Then click on the resend welcome email button.

Verification Email

Learners who choose to register with an email/password combination will need to verify their email addresses in order to successfully log in. Note: learners who choose SSO will have the email verification done implicitly.

If a learner loses the verification email for some reason and need another one sent, you can do so via the learner details management area. Navigate to it the same as as you do to resend the welcome email, and then click on the resend verification email (picture above).

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