๐Ÿ“ŠGrowing Regulated Tech Company

You're a growing tech company in a regulated industry such as, Finance, Healthcare, or Crypto, and you want to make sure your employees are well trained in all required compliance trainings. Whether you're at 5 employees today or 55, Affinity will be a good fit for you.

Affinity's platform can be used for more than just compliance related trainings. It also works well for revenue driving results and people operations.

Customer Service

Train your customer service team on proper KYC policies when customers or clients call in. Ensure that as this team grows, they all receive the proper trainings automatically, and have a record of it over time for accountability purposes.


You don't want your engineering team to log PII such as addresses or SSN's, so train them to do it the right way. Most trainings are broad, whereas Affinity focuses on functional aspects you can take back to your day-to-day. Investing early, means a more secure and auditable codebase later.


You might be in an industry where it's important not to promise a client something in the wrong way as it would break regulations. An example could be a sales person at a buy-now, pay-later company explaining to the client that all of their customers will always be approved for a loan (don't do this!). With Affinity, you can ensure your sales team has the right trainings meant for them so that your organization stays in compliance.

People Operations

First impressions are important, and Affinity can be used to make those more special and with greater learnings. Bring your own trainings that welcome new employees and teach them about your organization so that they are ready to be amazing contributors from the beginning.

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