You can assign and manage trainings at a learner level.

This includes setting overrides for:

  1. Status

  2. Due dates

  3. Notes

  4. Nudges

Why Manage Learners Directly?

Generally, you will probably treat all learners the same with respect to due dates and nudging to ensure that they complete their trainings.

However, there are some instances where you might want to give a more custom experience to certain users. Some examples:

  • A learner is going on paternity/maternity leave and you want to extend their due dates for a subset of trainings to be 120 days in the future. You can override their individual due dates. This would give them more time to complete and would reflect on your reporting that this learner is not late on their assignment.

  • A learner completed this training in-person with a qualified teacher and does not need to complete the online training. You can manually set their status to completed. For reporting purposes, this will show up as manually overridden by an admin, and the admin can also leave a note for transparency.

  • A learner is behind on a few trainings and you want to encourage them to complete, you can send an immediate nudge to them for specific trainings which you want to encourage them to complete.

Affinity's platform provides auditing accountability for all of these overrides, and it will show up in reporting so you can showcase the proof of completeness.

Organization Trainings

Managing trainings at a learner level is a subset of managing trainings at an organization level. If you're looking for organization level training management, see:

pageTraining Management

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