Slack Integration

Receive nudges, reminders, and assignment notifications straight to your learners in Slack!

Organizations can connect their Slack accounts to Affinity in order to have learners receive updates and nudges over Slack in addition to email.

To install the Affinity Slackbot app, your admin must also be an authorized installer of Slack apps for your company.

Navigate to the Settings page of your administrative account and find the section title "Slack Integration".

If you are already connected, you will see the details of your connection. Otherwise you will see a button instructing you to connect with Slack.

After you hit "Connect Slack" you will then need to authorize the "Affinity Slackbot" app to access your workspace. This app asks for permissions which will allow it to:

  • Direct Message users in your organization

  • Let users in your organization direct message the Slackbot

If you allow the connection and it is successful, you will be redirected back to the Affinity app and shown a success message. Click the "Back to Settings" button to see the details of your installation.

You can then toggle on and off certain notifications you would like users to receive from Slack.

To uninstall the integration, your Slack admin must uninstall it using the Slack controls from their workspace.

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