Learner Management

Organizations can support any number of learner's.

Your plan with Affinity will dictate the number of open seats you have eligible for adding a new learner.

Each learner can be configured with appropriate indicative information, such as: name, role, start date, anniversary date, departments and other tagging.

Learner's can be added, marked inactive and deleted at any time. Making a learner inactive or deleting a learner will give back a used seat to your plan.

Making a learner inactive does not remove the data though. Their data on training completion will remain overtime for auditing and analytical purposes.

Deleting a learner will remove all of their data permanently. You should only delete a learner if this was in error or you are sure you do not want to maintain any historical activity data of that learner. Most times, marking a learner as inactive is the proper choice.

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