Training Management

Internal Organizations have access to a training catalogue of publicly available trainings, as well as privately available trainings.

The Training Library page will show you trainings which have already been assigned to your organization as well as those trainings (both public and private) which are available from the catalogue to be assigned.

Private Trainings

Private trainings are trainings that you may have brought to the Affinity platform for distribution to your learners. Or, they might be Affinity trainings which have been white-labeled in content, style, or both for your specific organization.

Please reach out to us with your specific interest in private trainings and we will help onboard your organization.

Training Instances

Every training can be assigned one or more times to your learners. Each instance stands on its own as a separate assignment, and thus can be uniquely configurable with the specific learners assigned, the due dates, and any other settings.

Training instances are a great way to provide recurring trainings to your organization!

The training instance will show you details about that particular training, such as:

  • campaign association (if any)

  • Default requirement

  • Stats at a glance

  • Report exporting

  • Controls to manage the training

    • Assignments

    • Nudges

    • Due Dates

    • Overrides

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