Taking a Training

To take a training, click on the training in any one of the other navigation pages for learners.

The take a training page will show your current status of all instances of this training which you have been assigned. And, also present to you a frame in which you can complete the training. Trainings were generally designed to be done via a laptop or desktop device for best experience.

Note: training statuses are updated periodically. If you do not see the current status you believe is correct, please check back a few minutes later.

If you have any issues getting the training to load, please try using a Chromium browser.

Training Instances

A training instance is an assignment from your admin. You may have been assigned this training more than one time over the years or quarters and each of them will be shown at the top of the page along with their statuses.

Required vs Optional Trainings

Some of your trainings might be marked as optional by your admin. If it is not marked as optional, then it is a required training and you must complete it by the due date. If you have any questions, please ask your company compliance or people operations admin.

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