As a sponsor of your client organizations in your portfolio, you have access to real time data of their performance on assigned trainings. Thus, you can create reports at any time, for any needs.

There are a few ways you can access and create your needed reports:

  • By Portfolio at large

  • By Individual Company

  • By Training for Individual Company

  • By Individual Training

Portfolio at Large Report

You can generate reports for your portfolio by clicking on the 'Export' button on the portfolio page. It will generate a report of all historical training data for all portfolio companies across all assigned trainings.

Report by Client

Navigate to a client of interest in your portfolio and you can click the "Export Report" button in the top right to generate a report of lifetime completion data for this organization.

Report by Training for Client

When on a client's page, you can see their list of trainings that have been assigned and select any one to "Export" an single report for just that training. See the image above in Report by Client for what this row looks like.

Report by Training

Navigate to a particular training detail page to be able to report by:

  • All companies in the portfolio for all instances of this training

  • Company by company instance

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