Program - Assign Trainings

How to assign trainings to a campaign program.

You can assign any number of trainings to a given campaign program.

A training within a program will consist of:

  • Training Module

  • Start Date

  • Due Date

  • Requirement

Adding a new training

In the Trainings subsection, click the "+ Add" button to open the form for creating a new training path.

Fill in the various information and then click "Save" when complete. This will save your training path for this program.

Editing a training

You edit a training the same way that you would create one using the training path form. To start the edit process, click on the edit (pencil) icon next to a given training within your program and then fill out the form again with any desired changes.

Deleting a training

You can delete a training within a program. This will delete all progress data for any users which have started this program already.

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